Business & Career Intuitive Guide

A service to guide and support you to develop your own business or career into its greatest potential

Under the guidance of your Higher Self and Angelic Realms, we work together encompassing intuitive guidance, coaching, business and career development. We will discuss your options, ideas, creativity, plans and visions. We will use intuitive guidance, oracle/tarot cards and insight, and we will find a way to guide you to your business / career success.

This service is for entrepreneurs who are looking for help on a more intuitive, spiritual basis to help guide their path into business, into promotion and into success.

Unlike traditional business coaches, using my intuitive insight, I am able to discuss all the options you have thought about, as well as some that you haven’t, and guide you forward as you develop and grow your business and professional life.



Why this session is now within Ultimate Freedom rather than standing alone, as it used to be!

I have found that when I conduct these sessions, almost all clients have blocks to success, have energy out of balance and need to have that all sorted out before we can expand and develop your business / career. Bringing you and your energy into balance is essential. Making it part of the Ultimate Freedom healing session makes sense!


Benefits of this session

Many great business coaches are unable to comprehend your spiritual side and how much your own intuition guides you in life. Your decisions may not be completely understandable for them. On the other hand – the astrologers and tarot readers that you may be drawn to for guidance are not best served to help you either, as many just do not have the experience in the business world. I am able to help you with both sides, making this service unique.



As a former, successful Senior Manager in the corporate and business world for two decades, I have immense experience in business. I’ve managed Managers, Team Leaders and held responsibility for 150 staff, and budgets of several million pounds (GBP). I have developed strategies, action plans, mission statements, team developments and business growth opportunities. Along with this, I have personnel (HR) experience, including recruitment, investigations, disciplinary actions and other personnel functions. I have worked with Data Protection, been trained in Equality and Diversity, Human Rights and in multiple legal Acts (UK only.) In terms of my own career progression, I started at officer level in the corporate world, and was able to work my way to Director level, within 10 years – 5 promotions.

I left the corporate world in 2000 to become self-employed, creating three successful businesses of my own over the last 20 years – Julie Poole Hypnotherapy, Julie Poole Author and Julie Poole Online. In 2019 I amalgamated them all into a limited company – Julie Poole Ltd. In 2018, I created and developed a successful YouTube channel, which has now grown to over 80,000 subscribers and 5 million views (September 2020). I also wrote, edited, formatted and self-published four books myself over 5 years, navigating my way through the publishing world. I’ve been my own accountant for two decades, (until my businesses became a limited company), and carried out all of my own marketing.

This vast business experience, and fast career progression, coupled with my psychic intuition and insight, enables me to work with you, to help your own business and career development and dreams; dreams which can become a reality. Together, we will help you to achieve your own goals and aspirations.


Testimonial from a current client who uses this unique Business Intuitive Guidance session.

“I have been working with Julie for over 3 years. Sometimes we have a short tarot session, sometimes it is more her guides who help and sometimes the accent is on business coaching. The most important thing, however, is that Julie, like nobody else, approaches the challenge from both the spiritual and business sides, depending on where the true challenge is. If you need support from both sides, you cannot find anyone better than Julie! Her Spiritual insights and intuition combined with profound business acumen cannot be matched by anyone!”

M. Pod – Business Owner and Entrepreneur. September 2020.