Live, via Zoom, group spiritual circle for connection and ascension


Note – no circle for September at this moment as I may be be moving home that weekend. We will be back for Sunday 1st October 2023. Booking is now open for October.

REPLAY AVAILABLE (see below.).

The monthly group spiritual development circle is for the expansion or development of spiritual connection and will be held MONTHLY on Zoom in a live meeting, which enables you to interact with me and each other. I will be channelling ELI for higher level information, guidance and connections.

The aim of this monthly group circle is to raise your vibration and connection to yourself, your I AM, your spiritual team and universal consciousness. To increase your power, your light, your trust and your vibration on all levels.

I began holding circles at my home back in 2002, helping hundreds of people over the next ten years to develop spiritually in these small classes which ran several times a week. I continued to do this until 2012 where my work evolved somewhat. Since 2018, when I began my YouTube channel, I have been guiding and teaching others through my intuitive guidance, tarot and podcast, as well as through the many ‘teaching’ and ‘instructional’ videos I offer for sale on my website. In 2023, my book, From Hoping to Having directed and guided many thousands of you to align with and understand the law of attraction and live your best life. It is now time to return to live, interactive classes, in a gentle connection to be able to assist with raising consciousness and vibration, and to be able to connect in a group. This group will be live and online, enabling many, many people to attend and connect, which raises vibrational energy exponentially as we come together as one!

Circle will be held on the first Sunday of every month and will last approximately 75-90 minutes. The cost is £22 (GBP)

A REPLAY WILL BE AVAILABLE IF YOU MISS IT LIVE. Please complete the requested ‘name and email’ in the link which you will receive in your booking confirmation to access the replay. This adds you to the Circle Mailing List where the replay video link will be sent out to all who have signed up for the list directly.

When you click ‘book now’, the booking will take you to the calendar showing the scheduled time in your own timezone.

I look forward to seeing you at my circle, starting in July 2023.




“I really look forward to circle each week, finding the energy nurturing and up lifting. I had been experiencing a low ebb for a while, anxious I was stuck, feeling empty and exhausted but since joining the circle, positive vibes and wholeness are returning to me. Circle is a great opportunity to share and practice and it does not seem to matter where we are on our path. It can seem a lonely journey at times so I really have welcomed being part of the circle which seems to have accelerated and deepened my connection with spirit.” Lisa

“Thank you so much for the circle last night. Your circles are so, what word can I find to describe it, I’ll have to make one up, as I’m not sure what it is, but the energy is so lovely and continues for a long time afterwards. Thank you Julie, and peace be with you too today, and always.
Love Hazel x”


“Thanks again for the deep healing and love I experienced last night under your guidance. I know there has been a shift and this is the start of many new experiences. Besides the healing, I also enjoyed the chat afterwards.”


“Just a quick email to say a very big thank you for circle yesterday. I really enjoyed the lovely energy so peaceful and safe. I felt really at peace, relaxed and happy with a sort of warm loving feeling in my heart. You would make a fortune if you could bottle that feeling ! Even my husband noticed a difference when I got home. I had never heard of this sort of group, meeting like this but it’s fab! I feel very lucky that you came into our life.”


“Julie was a very valuable and an amazing person within my life. She turned up exactly when I needed her. I had strayed from my spiritual path and she guided me until I found it again. I met Julie when I was 6months pregnant, I joined her development group and had an amazing few months with her. Julie helped me to fine tune my meditation skills and connect with source. I always felt elated after the group. My baby girl is very tuned in and I am sure the group help us to connect before we even physically met. Julie without knowing built my confidence back up within my self and within the world around me. I learnt lots from her and send her Love often.Thanks Julie. Much love.” KG