To balance the colour, light, flow and energy in a home and outdoor space such as a backyard, courtyard or garden takes planning, organisation and inspiration! By combining flair, design, Feng shui, and creativity, working sympathetically with the home itself, we can transform any space.

I have lived in dozens of homes, both rentals and those that I have owned and have always been able to transform any space to work for me, without spending huge amounts of money! As a home worker for over 20 years and as an energy worker, having my home and my outdoor space flow well is essential. If the balance in my home and outdoor space is off, I am off! Intuitively, I always seem to ‘know’ what will work and what won’t, with creative ideas, visions and plans forming in my mind quickly and easily. When I see any space, I see the potential beauty and flow of it, no matter how chaotic, messed up or bad it is at the beginning. Each and every property that I have occupied has felt calm, balanced, peaceful and beautiful by the time I have worked my magic, and very quickly! It can be as simple as changing window dressings, bringing in soft furnishings, adding in plants or pictures, or by adding a chair, or table, or moving furniture into different positions and locations to allow better flow to a room. The most simple things can make an enormous difference, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune! Lighting is key!

Design and Lighting Consultant, let me help you to your perfect home!

Watch my own home and garden transformations here – Garden transformation  and Kitchen Transformation

If you would like me to help advise and guide you on how to transform your space, you can book a session with me. Whether it’s a bedroom, living room, kitchen, office or outdoor space, we can transform it into something beautiful, no matter how bad it is now and no matter how big or small your budget is.

Book your Home and Garden Design session with me, either live in real time via Zoom, or a pre-recorded video session HERE.


What you need to do…

FIRST,  book your session. Options within the booking will allow you to choose either a live session with me via Zoom or a pre-recorded video session. Then …

1 – send me photos and/or videos of the existing space to juliepooleonline@gmail.com that you want to transform. (If video, you will need to upload it to google drive, OneDrive, iCloud or similar and send me the link – video files will not email as they are too big.)

2 – Let me know a little about the space you want to change – why you want to transform it, what works, what doesn’t, what are the restrictions, what needs to be taken into account (such as pets, young children, rented, etc.)

3 – your budget and timescale

4 – anything else that you want to let me know such as your favourite colours, themes, interests and ideas. Include details of anything you want to keep as a must have so that I can take this into account. Also include things you hate, so that I know to exclude them.


5 – I will look at all the information you have sent me and put together ideas of what you can do to change it that will make the space work better for you. If the session is pre-recorded video, I will record my ideas and plans  by video and send you the link to the video with my suggestions. If it is a live session on Zoom, we will discuss it together during the session.

6 – if you would like to work with me on your design on a regular basis until your project is complete, simply book multiple sessions with me to suit you. Alternatively, we can agree a total amount of time to be applied for advice to your project and I can invoice you by Paypal, holding that agreed time as credit to your project account, time you can use via email or live zoom sessions.