Money Magic

The Energetic Way to Clear Your Blocks to Money

For individuals wanting to grow their money, success and abundance – take your income to the next level with me!


I can help you to identify and clear your blocks to money – easily, simply and effectively!

The Universe wants you to be abundant! That means no struggle, no lack, no pain!

As a professional hypnotherapist, I have worked with thousands of people carrying out deep subconscious work  over the last 20 years. It is within the subconscious, as well as within your emotions, heart and energy field that we find these deep blocks that prevent us moving forward into the life we desire and deserve. In addition to this vast experience of understanding these blocks (and how to clear them), I have also read many books on growing wealth by leading experts in the field. I encompass this knowledge, along with the principles of the Law of Attraction and positive thinking, my intuitive insight and go into your energy and mind to clear your blocks, allowing the way forward to wealth to be clear and easy.

I have been studying and teaching the Law of Attraction since 2007. In the last 3 years I have focused on wealth, finding multiple money blocks within my own thinking, energy and emotions, all of which I cleared. The result has been that I have easily attracted ever increasing prosperity to me. I have successfully taken my business to the next level, building a solid foundation for growth – now and in the future. I have tripled my income and am now living the life I could only have dreamed of a few years ago. Let me help you to do the same!

Working one to one on Zoom or Skype, we will find your blocks to money, clear them, and re-establish a new relationship with money, allowing it to be free to flow to you like the magnet that you are! (This also works with blocks to love!)

We will establish that you are deserving and worthy of prosperity, that money can indeed flow easily and readily to you, and, together, we will create the affluent life that you dream of.

You are welcome to record the session yourself and keep it.

Webinars, Workshops and Group Support

In addition to private one to one sessions, I will also be running monthly Webinar Workshops, aimed exclusively to those seeking to take their wealth and success to the next level. Attendance at the Webinars will give you access to a private group within my Money Magic FaceBook page, where you can discuss and support other members, as well as receiving extra help from me. Sign up to my newsletter to keep informed.

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Money Magic