The Julie Poole Show – Let’s Chat Universal Energy

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About the Podcast

The Julie Poole Show – Let’s Chat Universal Energy

Julie Poole informs, educates and shares her knowledge, opinions and teachings chatting with you about Energy, Vibration, Universal Consciousness, Spirit, Karma, Law of Attraction, the power of the Sub-Conscious Mind, Empowerment, Psychic Intuition, Your Power to Manifest, the coming Fifth Dimension, Healing, Balancing and more.

*Julie Poole has been a Law of Attraction coach, Hypnotherapist and Spiritual Teacher for more than two decades. She is an author, intuitive, healer and channeller. She has helped thousands to find their truth and power, confidence and joy through her YouTube channel, private sessions, books and classes. Find her @juliepoole on YouTube or at her website