Cancer 2023 Annual Guidance (67 Minutes)


Annual Guidance for 2023 – this reading covers the whole of 2023 in the areas of General Guidance, Money / Career and Love.

Beginning in January 2023, the reading uses a combination of oracle and tarot cards, unfolding month by month until the end of the year, making your journey through 2023 as insightful and informative as possible. The first half of the reading is general guidance, then moves into money and career possibilities for each month, and then moves into love and relationships for each month. I hope you find it useful. Check out your Sun, Moon, Rising and Venus. You can buy all 12 signs at a discounted price.

Please download and save the video to your own device as the Annual Guidance 2023 videos will be deleted at the end of 2023 and, unless saved, will no longer be available.

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