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The 3 ‘Rs’ to Create Your Best Life

Here you can buy the e-pub version of From Hoping to Having (not suitable for kindle devices) which works with all general e-readers.
For the kindle version, print versions (paperback and hardback) please go to Amazon. Also, coming soon to Amazon and Audible, the audiobook version, for those that prefer to listen rather than read. I hope you enjoy it. If you do, please do consider leaving a review. Thank you so much.



This step-by-step guide leads you easily and clearly to successfully create the life you truly want and finally move from hoping to having.

You may have tried manifesting in the past and decided that the Law of Attraction just doesn’t work for you. Perhaps, despite all your efforts, life is still a struggle.

I can promise you that the life that you want to be living is waiting there for you, right now. The Law of Attraction does work, you just haven’t been shown how to harness it properly, until now.

The 3 ‘Rs’ will guide you to the life that you truly want. It’s a simple system: Remember, Reset, Receive.

Let the 3 ‘Rs’ guide you to create your best life. It’s waiting – let’s manifest it into reality, now.

*Julie Poole has been a Law of Attraction coach, Hypnotherapist and Spiritual Teacher for more than two decades. She has helped thousands to find their truth and power, confidence and joy; to balance their lives, attract abundance, love and health, to find that great job, start that business, and much more.

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Now available on Amazon worldwide in kindle ebook, paperback and hardback. Audio version will follow shortly, (April 2023) for those of you who like to listen rather than read. There is also an AFFIRMATIONS BOOKLET to go with it! I do hope it helps you to manifest your best life!


“I bought my copy and already half way through. This is the best self help books I have read so far. Well done. And thank you.” (Kevin)

“Julie, I must have been among the first people to buy your new book on the 18th jan. I find it absolutely amazing, easy to understand and practical. I am sure your followers will agree with me after reading it. Thank you so much for this lovely helping tool!” (Holloy)