Learning to Love Your Physical Body (34 mins)



This self-hypnosis audio download has been created to help those who have suffered from a long term illness which has resulted in physical pain, low energy and physical sensitivities. Illnesses such as: Chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, food intolerances and reactions, and migraines… if this is you, you have probably come to see your physical body as the enemy, hurting and attacking you relentlessly. Your body has become the enemy, you are at war. This download will help you to make friends with your body, help you see that it too, is suffering, and begin the process of healing. Listen to it daily for best results. This CD works alongside ‘Learning to love yourself,’ which goes hand in hand with ‘learning to love your physical body.’ It also goes alongside ‘I Can Heal my Body, Part 1 & 2’.