Spiritual Guidance

I have taught, facilitated and held many Spiritual Development Groups and classes since 2002. I now teach on a ‘one to one’ basis. The session is tailored to your needs, level and awareness – for meditation, discussion, connection, growth and development.

We will develop your own inner guidance, psychic intuition, improve your connection to your Higher Self, Guides, Spirit and Higher Beings of Light, Source and your I AM PRESENCE.

The photo above is me giving a seminar on the I AM PRESENCE in Hertfordshire, England in 2011.

This session is for all abilities and experiences.I find that the right people usually find their way to me.

Some suggestions of what you may wish to discuss and learn more about:

  • I Am Presence, Meditation, Mindfulness, Connecting into your Inner Being, Higher Self, Soul/Source, Energy and Energy Body
  • Cleansing, protecting, grounding, connection
  • Chakras
  • Past life regression / Future life progression
  • Manifestations – harnessing the law of attraction
  • Working with Archangels and Angels & Higher Beings of Light



I have been consciously developing my spiritual awareness and knowledge for over 45 years.

I began seeing colour, energy, spirit and more in childhood. Slightly ‘freaked out’ by it, especially in the 1970’s when this sort of thing was rather ‘taboo’, I began reading everything I could get my hands on!

From the age of 13, I read anything spiritual and began to study everything esoterically in my efforts to to understand what I was seeing and what I was aware of, not to mention why!

As the years went on, I attended hundreds of workshops and seminars, studying everything I could, from Angels to Astrology, Mediumship to the Law of Attraction, Emotional Energy and Healing, Crystals, Colour, Numerology and everything in between!

By the time I was a 38, at a time when many others were just beginning to ‘spiritually awaken,’ people saw me of something of an ‘expert’ in all that was spiritual, and began coming to me for understanding, lessons, classes and meditations, to help them to understand their own spirituality.

I began teaching spiritual consciousness in 2002 and have been teaching ever since.

In 2018, I developed my own successful YouTube channel, giving spiritual messages of hope, encouragement, upliftment and insight to hundreds of thousands of people each month. There have been over 5 million views to my tarot and teaching videos, which is very humbling.


I look forward to working with you on your own spiritual journey.