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Please read BEFORE you email me.

Hi there! I receive many emails each day and hope your query can be answered by the frequently asked questions below. If not, please do contact me on the form below and I will be in touch! Please note: My office hours are 9-5 Monday to Friday, UK time (GMT / winter, or GMT+1 / British summer time).


For INTERVIEW enquiries to guest on your show, channel or podcast – if I feel your show is a good fit for me vibrationally, I will be happy and honoured to guest, and will reply to your email within my office hours to arrange a suitable date. Please let me have details and links to your show. 🙏

For DOWNLOAD PURCHASES – for those who are struggling to find, or open, a download they have purchased from my store, the link to the product you have purchased is in your email receipt. It is best to copy and paste this link into google chrome as it is a google drive file. (Often safari or Firefox will not open it, so copy and paste it into chrome and it will work fine.) 🙏

For PRIVATE SESSIONS – Please add your name and email to my mailing list which is on my website home page. I will send out a newsletter to all if I reopen for bookings. I will also post an announcement on both my YouTube channels. 🙏

For feedback on my BOOKS – thank you for sharing your feedback with me. I would so appreciate you leaving your feedback on Amazon or Audible as this will help not only me, but so many others. 🙏

For GENERAL comments – for people wanting to share their stories and experiences with me, or to ask for free guidance and support, I thank you for reaching out and ask the universe to help you in whatever way is best for you, in your highest good. I do not respond to individual requests for help but will send energy to you to enable you to find the help you need. 🙏 For those of you wanting to comment on a podcast or video I have appeared or, or created, please do leave comments on the relevant video and not to me here on email. 🙏

For SPONSORSHIP and brand enquiries, I am not currently open to deals as I do not feel sponsorships are appropriate for my channel. 🙏

For BUSINESS enquiries – I am not currently exploring new SEO, website designs or editing / short form videos. 🙏


I do hope these FAQ’s have helped answer your question or enquiry.

Have a wonderful day.

With love and blessings

Julie Poole.

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