Are you struggling to create the life you want, that you deserve?

It’s my promise to you that the life that you truly want is there waiting for you and I want to help you to step into it. This book has powerful, positive Affirmations for Manifesting and Creating your Greatest Life! Affirmations for wealth, health, happiness, positive thinking, love, power, success and more! Affirmations and intentions which support you easily and clearly in creating the life you truly want and finally move you From Hoping to Having. Manifest your greatest life into reality, now!

It can be read alongside Julie Poole’s book, ‘From Hoping to Having: The 3 R’s to Create Your Best Life’, or by itself.


Having the Affirmations all in one place and corresponding to the lesson(s) is fantastic. Keep on my phone, so can read affirmation(s) when needed, so handy. Thank you Julie.

I was very excited about this new book. As expected it didn’t disappoint. It is energetic, positive and insightful. I literally can’t put it down. Even the paper is beautiful to hold. Would recommend to anyone, absolutely love it. It will be used over and over again.‌

What a lovely idea! All affirmations in one place. Very well written and all inclusive. Wonderful guide book. Also great for reviewing right before bed, 1st thing in the morning or anytime to reprogram the subconscious mind and manifest the life you want.

Got the kindle book, audio and affirmations, absolutely fantastic so far,  thank you for bringing this work to the world.