Understanding Tarot – FREE introduction! (5 Mins)


Welcome to this 6 part Tarot Course, covering hours of learning across 6 videos. I have created 6 separate videos to enable you to focus on the areas of learning that you are most interested in. Should you wish to purchase all 6, you can do so at a 50% discount by clicking on the red thumbnail on this page that says all courses.

Part 1 – I explain the Fool and his journey through the major arcana cards. Each card is explained individually, but also in terms of the links and expansion of knowledge and awareness from card to card. The importance of each step is fully understood and the completion of the journey explained.

Part 2 – explores the Minor Arcana, The suits of Swords and Cups, and how it relates to the Major Arcana.

Part 3 – explores the Minor Arcana, The suits of Wands and Coins.

Part 4 – we do deeper into the tarot, looking at how tarot links in with astrology, particularly the major arcana and specific cards linking with star signs and particular planets.

Part 5 – looks at the differences and similarities on different decks for the same card and how to interpret them.

Part 6 – is the final part. We complete the course and combine the minor and major arcana, learning how to interpret them together.

You will receive a link immediately that you purchase this product to all 6 training videos, plus the free introduction video. Please check your spam folder. Please click on to open it, download and save. If the link will not open automatically, please copy and paste it into chrome as this is a google drive file.