Ultimate Freedom



The spiritual, energetic pathway to realign your body, mind and soul on every level.

This bespoke service includes my Intuitive Channelled Insight, Past Life Regression, Unlock your Block, Energy Realignment & Rebalancing, Manifesting, Business / Career Guidance  as well as Spiritual Growth.

Within the booking form is a check box form for you to tick the areas you want to focus on during the session. We can adapt the session as it unfolds to cover other areas that may come up.

Sessions are carried out with you live via Zoom. (I do not do this over the telephone or in person, only online via Zoom.)


Under the safe, channelled guidance and direction of the Higher Realms, I go into the following areas:

  • Subconscious
  • Energy field
  • Inner selves (including your inner child/children)
  • Emotional Body
  • Physical body
  • Mental body (your thoughts and beliefs)
  • In a past life
  • Your DNA (hereditary)
Just one comment from a grateful client :

“The session today was so powerful! I am blown away by the emotional material still held in my psyche and body. I have been doing various therapies for most of my adult life, so I am surprised there is still so much you found to clear. I finally feel I am getting the help I have wanted for years but didn’t find. I so appreciate your expertise and connection to the Divine.”


I use a variety of methods:

  • Psychic Intuition
  • Connection to your ‘I Am Presence’, Higher Self and Soul
  • Collaboration with the Angelic Realms and Higher Beings of Light
  • Energy release
  • Emotional release
  • Sub conscious clearance work
  • Past Life Regression
  • Hereditary energy clearance
  • Energy Block clearance

Each session is bespoke, tailored to your own, individual needs and guided by your I AM PRESENCE, Soul and Higher Self, Angels, Guides and Masters through me, to enable you to find the freedom you desire to be the best version of you.

The session is gentle, effective and thorough. Sometimes, several sessions are needed to restore and achieve full balance. Clients repeatedly state that this session is The most powerful they have ever had!

Book ULTIMATE FREEDOM 60 minutes here

Book ULTIMATE FREEDOM 30 minutes here 



I ASKED – Where were you at the start? Why did you book in with me?

NIINA REPLIES – I was overwhelmed with my work responsibilities and business situation. A year ago, I had started my own management company, after my old boss retired. By the time I contacted you my quality of life was poor. I was frustrated and exhausted. My work seemed to suck my energy and my joie de vivre. I had been working too much for too long.  I had little time for anything else or for myself.  I did not sleep enough. My stress levels were high, and my health was being affected. I was not happy. I needed help. I scheduled my first meeting with you in October 2020.

I ASKED – After your sessions with me – Where are you now?

My life today, in August 2022, year and a half later, is unrecognisable. You helped me to take charge of my company and my life. With your help I was able to restructure my company and create a manageable work week, and time for myself.  I began to value my 20+ years of experience in my field and what brought to the table for my clients in terms of my integrity, commitment, knowledge, abilities, education and experience.  I learned to listen to and value my intuition. In May 2020, I was guided to close my company.  You were there to support me and guide me through the decision as well as the following 8 months of preparing to hand over the operations for the businesses that I had been running for 8 years. I spent the next 6 months recovering and healing from the last 22 years of running operations and being on call 24/7.  Again, you were there to support me with your wonderful insight, healing ability, ability to guide and with your love.

Today, I am on my way to make my dream from 2009 a reality, my dream to build my own web service platform. It feels like a large, sometimes impossible, mountain to climb. And, I have not been this free or excited, or felt this alive, for many, many years.

I am grateful to have you in my life. You came to me at the perfect time.  You have been and continue to be a great coaching partner for me.  You have the ability to see and help me with what I need at the time of our meeting.  You are an amazing healer. I also greatly appreciate your business experience, insights, knowledge and understanding. It has been very valuable to me. Our sessions are perfect. You listen well and without judgement.  I remember in our earlier sessions being concerned of being judged by you for not working hard enough or being smart enough in my business. I never felt judged by you. I have only felt supported and respected by you.  You listen well and you have the ability to listen for and be guided to offer what I need at the time of our meeting. You tell me exactly what I need to hear:

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to explore what is possible with you. You came to my life at the perfect time. You are one of a kind. You are a gift to the world.

As your client, I am very happy and I value your service, and I do not see how they could get better for me.

Have a wonderful day, Julie! Thank you for who you are and for what you do in the world!




Donna S – August 2022
I asked – Where were you at the start? Why did you book in with me?

“Before I found you on YouTube I had been struggling with low self-esteem, a bit of anxiety, wanting to move forward in my career but just felt stuck. My main issue at first was to get my career to move forward. I had tried positive affirmations, education, manifestation and yet felt stuck.”

After your sessions with me – Where are you now?

“I have a prosperous career, my self-esteem has improved, my relationships are healthy and positive, and I am happy. The session helped remove blocks that were holding me back. I have tools now that help me get through the rough times. My career, relationships and my inner voice has changed for the better. My career has changed to a career I love and looking forward to promotions.  My relationship is healthy with my husband and positive relationships with everyone around me.  My self-esteem is boosted, and I am doing thing I love doing. I have become healthy in body mind and spirit.  I have opened up spiritually as well, I get messages and I have become a Reiki master. I found my session amazing, uplifting and I feel like a whole new person. I didn’t even mention my skin is clear, my eyes are bright again. You have helped me so much. Thank you for all you do.

Take care

Love Donna.”


Christine – August 2022

Where were you at the start? Why did you book in with me?

“I had terrible anxiety.”

Where are you now?

“I am a lot better now. I’m not as hypersensitive to triggers of the outside world. I have learned to put my wellbeing first, not others and that nothing is an emergency as to get it done. I am starting to meditate more in the mornings and release any resentment and let the god source deal with it. The biggest benefit is that I let things go that are not for my highest good and to learn self-boundaries…… not taking other people’s responsibility. I have more self-esteem.

How I wish you lived In Orlando, so I can go in person.

Thank you, Julie.  xoxoxoxo Really, thank you for your background, training, and professionalism.

Love Christine.”