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Live Reading

Live readings include a psychic intuitive energy scan, along with insight, guidance and intuition into your questions and concerns. This is done by intuition and direct messages coming through me from my angels and the universal energies. I also use a variety of tarot and angel cards to clarify the intuitive guidance, (cards I use are linked below.)  I also scan your physical body, emotions, mental wellbeing and energy, giving insight into what is blocked, why, and what can be done to free and balance your energy to align you with wellbeing. Live readings are carried out with you, in real time, via Skype or Zoom.


Both Skype and Zoom offer you the opportunity to record the session yourself, should you wish to. You can google or YouTube how to record in Skype and Zoom if you do not know how to. I no longer record the session for you.


Book 60 mins LIVE READING


Book 30 mins LIVE READING


Video Reading

Video readings are recorded by me without you. Within the booking form (within the online booking system) is a space for you to ask the questions that you want me to focus your reading on. Please let me have as much information as you are comfortable to give. This enables me to make your reading more accurate and detailed for you. After I complete the reading, I upload it to google drive and email you a link for you to keep.





You can find links to all the cards I use HERE

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Psychic Reading?

What is clairvoyant? What is clairaudient? What is clairsentient?

I am a psychic intuitive channeller. I am clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient. This means I can see, hear and feel the information. I connect to your soul energy, your higher self and higher levels of energy (including angels, ancestors and elders). I also connect with your physical body, emotional body, mental body and passed lives. Through this connection, information about you begins to flow.

What is an intutitve reading? What is a Tarot Reading? What is channelled guidance? What is a psychic reading?

Intuitive readings, psychic readings, spiritual readings and channelled guidance are the same. This is when the reader connects through their intuition or higher self to access guidance and information to help you on your path.

How do I know if someone is a real Psychic?

I have carried out many thousands of readings over the years. Many clients have come back time and again and often recommend me to others. The feedback is very positive and people are astounded by the accuracy of my readings. You can read some of these on the testimonials page. You can also watch some of my readings on my YouTube channel to get a feel of the way I work. There are many comments on my videos by people who watch, saying what they think.

What is a Medium?

Mediums connect with those who have passed on – for example, family members who have left this life. My main purpose is not to work as a medium, but to help people find their way on their path. I do this by bringing through guidance from their higher self, angels, ascended masters and other highly evolved beings to give direction, inspiration and information.

Is my reading confidential?

Readings are always regarded with the highest confidentiality, between my client and I.

Is my reading recorded?

I record your reading and send you a link via email for you to open and then save it to your own computer.

What is a disclaimer & what is your disclaimer?

A disclaimer is a statement given to avoid the reader being sued by the recipient for inaccurate or bad information. It should also include that the reader is not a doctor and should not be used solely for medical advice or as a counselling service, for which the reader is not qualified. It is therefore stated that readings are for ‘entertainment purposes’ only. However, readings can and do, give immense healing and hope, are often uplifting and empowering and can help the person move forward.

The purpose of each reading is to give more insight into the energies surrounding the situation, to help you make more informed choices, and is for entertainment purposes.
*Readings are not meant to take the place of a counselling session or other medical session and are subject to your own interpretation and judgement.
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